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Winter Olympian chasing Summer Alexandra Ianculescu well-known as Speed_skater nude leaked online from her onlyfans after she announced OF account. Romanian Canadian Olympian Alexandra Ianculescu has used OnlyFans to become the athlete she’s always dreamed of being. Road, Track & Gravel, Freelance Designer for leading cycling brands.

The former Olympic speed skater who grew up in Toronto and has lived in Calgary and Vancouver — is switching things up and training to hopefully represent Canada in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris as a cyclist, and she’s footing the bill with OnlyFans.

Ianculescu joined the platform back in 2021 to financially support her Olympic ambitions as opposed to working part-time jobs to meet ends needs and missing out on training time, recovery and much needed rest for an athlete of her calibre.

Ianculescu told Narcity that at the time, she was hesitant to join the platform, but she’s now found that she’s surprised by how much humanity and kindness she’s found on the app.

I was surprised at how understanding and human people were. They’re not just there for the content. They’re there to talk and be human, said Ianculescu. MORE VIDEOS VISIT WWW.THENUDEBAY.COM

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Date: August 2, 2023
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Speed_skater Nude Alexandra Ianculescu Onlyfans Leak! NEW

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